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We are Insurance Broker Company.

Career: Join crazy #SIBians,

We have some very inventive employers, but no idea how to make tea? Similarly, one enjoys calling but absolutely hates cooking! Hehe, one enjoys meeting clients but gives a harsh look while washing clothes and so on...

So, while you may be lacking in certain areas, you do possess some skills that our crazy #SIBians require. We are looking for team players rather than degree holders. If you believe you have the bravery to put a smile on our customers&#39 faces, deliver best insurance policies within the deadline, confront impending obstacles, and be committed to assisting customers in every manner possible, we invite you to join our #SIBians family. GROW, AND HELP US IN GROWING!

We value your educational degree, substantial professional experience, and cheeky/smiling face, but in order to become a Team Player at SIB Insure, you must help us understand how you can make a positive difference in the organisation.