Terms and Conditions

We are Insurance Broker Company.


SIB Insure understands the significance of protecting the privacy of the information you supply. SIB takes all necessary precautions to protect our users' integrity, confidentiality, and security, including browsing and using our website, mobile applications, mobile sites, and other internet-enabled devices. SIB's Privacy Policy explains how data and information are collected, stored, utilised, processed, shared, and transferred, as well as how your data is protected when you visit our website or use our services.

In this electronic document, the terms You/Yourself/Your relate to users who browse and access our mobile platforms, while We/Our/Us refer to SIB Insure.


Please read the Privacy Policy carefully. You indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to our Privacy Policy. Thus, by accessing our website, mobile applications, or using our services, you offer SIB Insure your full consent to use, handle, disclose, retain, and transfer personal data in accordance with Sections 43A and 72A of the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000.

By registering on our website or any of our domains, you grant SIB permission to contact you through mobile, phone call, SMS, or email to offer/update you on our services. The company may call or SMS you about our services for the insurance product you have chosen, inform you about the products, update you on our promotional offers from time to time, and about offers from our business partners, affiliates, or third-party for which we may be required to collect your basic information as specified in the Policy. You agree that SIB may call you even if your phone number is registered with DND/DNC or NCPR service. Your permission will be valid as long as your account is active with us.

We gathered information.

The firm only gathers your basic data and information when you use our website or any other application, whether as a visitor or as a registered client.

We may gather the following types of information:

  • Your name, email address, contact number, postal address, date of birth, profession, gender, financial data, occupation, and other personal information.
  • Other information may include your IP address, system specifics such as your operating system version, Internet browser, and telecom service provider.
  • Your insurance transaction history, both with us and with other insurance providers, including your claim settlement record, policy cover, premium paid, and any payments made by you.
  • Any other information you supply while applying for an insurance policy or responding to a questionnaire.
  • To gather data and information, many techniques may be used, including the use of cookies, both temporary and permanent cookies. These cookies can be deleted or blocked using your electronic device. You may also enable your browser to notify you when a cookie is given to you by SIB, with the option to accept or reject the cookie.
  • We may also collect and store your data via web beacons, pixel tags, mobile device IDs, and other files and technologies.