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Term insurance, commonly known as term life insurance, provides excellent life coverage at affordable premium rates. A term plan provides financial protection to the policyholder's family in exchange for a fixed premium for a certain period of time, known as the policy 'term'. If the insured person dies within this time, the selected cover amount is given to the nominee as a death benefit.

  • Term life insurance covers you for a specific amount of time at a specific premium cost.
  • In the event of the life insured's untimely death during the policy term, the nominee receives the Total Payout/Benefit. The benefit might be given out as a lump amount, a mix of lump sum and monthly payments, or simply monthly payments.
  • As a result, term insurance plans are defined as pure protection plans that safeguard the financial stability of dependents in the event of the premature death of the person insured.
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The Advantages of Term Life Insurance

  • Death Benefit: If the life insured dies during the policy period, the nominee will get the Total Payout as a lump sum or a mix of lump sum and monthly amount.
  • A lump sum payment to cover immediate financial obligations.
  • Monthly income to support the family's way of life.
  • Tax Benefit: Premiums paid for term life insurance are tax-free up to Rs. 1, 50,000 under section 80(C).
  • Rider Benefits: Riders are a significant complement to the standard plan provision since they allow the life insured to tailor the coverage.
  • The Accidental Death Benefit rider provides an additional sum insured beyond the standard plan providing in the event of death caused by an accident.
  • The Accidental Disability rider provides an immediate lump sum payout in the event of a disability caused by an accident.
  • If the life insured is diagnosed with one of the serious diseases listed in the rider, the Critical Illness rider provides an extra sum assured beyond the basic plan provision.
  • The Waiver of Premium rider waives all insurance premiums if the life insured is diagnosed with a permanent disability or a catastrophic disease.
  • Option to raise death benefit: Certain policies provide an option for the life insured to enhance the life cover during critical life periods such as marriage and childbirth.

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